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Do men experience migraines differently than women?

Perhaps one can say with 100% confidence that headaches and migraine spoil the lives of every inhabitant of the planet. For some of us this is a rare phenomenon, and some people suffer from it almost every day. Such an unpleasant condition may occur because of overwork or as a symptom of serious brain pathology. You may be surprised, but men and women experience migraines in different ways with varying intensity and dislocation of sensations. Why such difference? Neurons, depending on the sex of a person, react to signals of the brain differently. If you want to find out more about the symptoms of migraine in men and treatment (medication and alternative) of this disease, keep reading this article.

The Roman physician Claudius Galen first used the term migraine. It was he who first drew the separation line that distinguishes migraine from headaches: with migraines, pain is localized in a certain part of the head and has a lasting and painful nature.

History confirms the fact that dozens of famous male artists and scientists have suffered from migraines Isaac Newton, Pontius Pilate, Peter Tchaikovsky, Sigmund Freud, Edgar Po, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Karl Marx, Julius Caesar and Charles Darwin. Some modern Hollywood actors too suffer from migraines. For example, Ben Affleck has repeatedly undergone therapy for this illness, just like his colleague Nicolas Cage. There is even such an assumption (although it is not scientifically confirmed) men who suffer from regular migraines are prone to perfectionism and usually achieve their goals.

There are the following forms of migraine in men (as well as in women):

1. Migraine with aura (approximately 25% of cases)

2. Migraine without aura (accounts for the rest of 75%)

These concepts are mentioned in virtually every article that describes this disease, so you probably have heard about them before. But let's describe what that is. Aura is a complex of reversible neurological disorders that arise before the start of the attack itself or during it.

There are the following types of migraine aura in men:

1. Visual aura. It is characterized by the fact that the man sees in his peripheral vision lines, circles and other geometrical shapes that do not exist in reality, the so-called “visual snow”

2. Hemiparestetic aura, which is characterized by a deceptive feeling of tingling in the nape, hands, shoulder blades

3. Hemiparetic migraine in men is a rather dangerous sign, as it can cause temporary loss of mobility of the wrists, the foot of one of the legs, one or more fingers (such a serious situation develops due to disruptions in neural connections because of disturbed blood circulation)

4. Dysphasia is a temporary speech disorder, which is often caused by a circulatory disorder

How not to confuse a headache with migraine, which is a rather serious disorder. Below are the main symptoms of migraine in men

1. The pain spreads in certain part of the head the left or right temple, the nape, one of the frontal lobes

2. The pain is unbearable, long lasting and it is impossible to get rid of it even after taking analgesics

3. Characteristically, the development of the so-called aura

4. In some cases, migraine provokes intracranial pressure, sometimes intracranial pressure is the cause of headache

5. Possible swings in arterial pressure

6. Inevitable satellites of migraine headaches in men - apathy, chronic fatigue, physical weakness

What causes migraine in men? We gathered below the most common ones factors:

Many food products that many men eat almost daily can provoke an unbearable headache attack. Potentially dangerous products are chocolate, coffee and strong black tea, alcoholic beverages, sweeteners and preservatives, high-fat foods, and some seafood. If the patient notices that the attack begins after eating a certain product or drink he must exclude it from the diet once and for all.

Poor lifestyle choices regular lack of sleep and insomnia, extreme diets and fasting, constant exhaustion, chronic stress. These factors have a devastating effect on the central nervous system, which affects the circulation of the brain and as a result leads to chronic migraine.

Effect of the environment also cause migraines in men: strong perfumed odors, aromas of chemical agents which men smell for three hours or longer can cause migraine attack even in a completely healthy person.

Non-specific reasons: changes in hormonal background, chronic alcoholism and drug abuse, a craniocerebral trauma.

Sometimes the cause of migraines are other diseases such as cervical spine osteochondrosis, arterial pressure swings, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, and some mental disorders.

Naturally, the first and most important issue that arises in people suffering from migraines is how to get rid of pain. Medical professionals recommend the following medications:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are strong painkillers. They contribute to the relief of pain syndrome after twenty-thirty minutes from the time of admission. However, they also have some disadvantages. They are quite toxic to the liver and internal organs, which makes long-term use of these drugs dangerous. Still, NSAIDs are most popular medications prescribed for migraines. Many people say that they are very helpful and it is easy to purchase these medications. Anyone can buy them at the best people’s choice pharmacy or any other drugstore.

Ergotamine and its derivatives have long been used in the fight against migraine. Neuroscientists often prescribe this medicine in the form of nasals pray, which was created specifically to treat migraine headaches.

Antidepressants are capable of influencing susceptibility to pain if the patient takes them on a regular basis. Such drugs are sold in pharmacies, they are prescription drugs and one should be very careful with them, as the drug addiction often develops.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are used for nausea and vomiting that often accompany migraine attacks.

Tryptans are a new generation of anti-migraine drugs. They have a minimum of side effects and act just as effectively as antidepressants, but more selectively. Because of this, they have less side effects.

Men with migraines rarely think that headaches can cause some serious problems. The lack of adequate treatment of migraines in men often causes the development of such diseases

1. Status migrainosus - a condition in which the duration of one headache attack can last about three days and even the most potent analgesics are useless

2. Abusotic and rebound headaches that are extremely painful and again, painkillers are useless in this case

3. Intracranial pressure (in some cases, is a consequence of migraine, and sometimes, causes its appearance)

4. Serotonin syndrome is a rare condition that develops with prolonged and uncontrolled treatment of migraine with antidepressants

Men’s migraines this is a disease that is different for different people. It may have different origins, duration and intensity. If the pain is not severe, and the patient may endure discomfort for some time, it is worth trying some folk remedies.

Massage of temples with the tips of fingers, alternating with strong press and gentle strokes.

Often migraine develops because of feeling of hunger and malnutrition in this case the patient should eat something healthy to prevent migraine.

Massage of the cervical-collar zone, without strong and sharp movements.

Hot and cold showers help a lot they are good for the vessels of the whole body and provides excellent prevention of migraine in men.

So take care of yourself, be careful and try to solve health problems at an early stage, rather than neglect them.

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