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Pin pricking pain in heart

Fortunately, the complaint about feeling the pin prick in heart is heard more often than complaints of pressing or burning pain. The thing is that the stitching pain is not typical for the heart and its origin is almost always vertebrogenic, that is, it is associated with the pathology of the musculoskeletal system and the traumatization of small nerve endings. Remember - the heart never gives pin prick feeling. Much more dangerous is the pain that is pressing or drawing, although there may be options.

In order to understand if it is heart or something else it is enough to perform several simple actions. First, you need to pay attention to whether the pain is associated with physical activity, whether they are aggravated by fast walking, lifting to the floor, etc.

Secondly, when you feel pin pricking in heart try to feel it with fingers on the surface of the chest, where discomfort is maximal. If you can find painful points or patches, then consider that the issue is resolved and the problem is not in the heart.

The same applies to cases where the stitching pain is aggravated by turning the trunk or assuming a certain position of the body, posture, or vice versa, the heart stops pin pricking and all sensations go away after taking a certain position of the body. If colitis is caused by inhalation, it also indicates that this kind of pain is not associated with the heart.

What to do and who to turn to, in case of pain, though not heartfelt and does not pose a threat to health, but still violates your habitual way of life? Or are the painful feelings not allowed to do those things that you are used to doing? Or, perhaps, the very fact of pin pricking pain in heart does not give you rest? I recommend that you contact a neurologist who will interview you and how to properly examine, and then, if he or she has any doubts about your "pin prick heart", he (she) will refer you to the cardiologist.

In conclusion, we would like to say that this article was not written in order for patients to self-diagnose or self-medicate, but to save time. If you know everything about your pain thoroughly, you can, firstly, understand which specialist to apply to, and secondly, quickly and accurately answer the doctor for his questions, which will contribute to a more accurate and speedy diagnosis.

Often, even after the prescribed diagnosis and treatment regimen, people seek information about the diagnosis and about the pills, most often they choose trusted pharmacies such as Top World's online pharmacy or other well-known, also check all the information on the websites where they discuss various medications. We decided in this article to show the questions, complaints and the response of a doctor that can often be found in the reviews.

1.Complaints: Hello, I often feel pricking pain in the heart, it happens to be so dignified by duty as a toothache, stretching, then it is strong, you'll lie on another - will stop, then again, etc., then the left hand starts to bask on the stove like a kettle, up to the pain.


What is it? Am I not too young for heart problems?


The pains that you describe are not very characteristic of the heart, and, given the young age, the likelihood that the heart shows itself is very low. Most likely, the problem of the musculoskeletal system manifests itself so, but still you have to visit a doctor.

2. Complaints: Pin prick pain in heart on the left, under the chest on top of the chest, pain in the arm, headache and frequent dizziness.


What could it be?


The likelihood that your complaints are related to heart disease is not great. If the ECG and ultrasound do not detect abnormalities, then it is more likely to be said that the reason lies in something else. But the final word is for your treating doctor.

3. Question:

Hello! I very often feel pricking pain in heart. I turned to a doctor, underwent a cardiogram, but I was told that everything was fine, but my heart still aches. Sometimes it is so stifling and lasts for 5-10 minutes. What should I do?


I recommend that you contact a neurologist for examination and confirmation of a diagnosis of osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine, which probably gives you pain. The heart never cause such symptoms, there must be another reason for the pain.

4. Medications taken: pancreatin, bismuth subcitrate, lactulose.

Complaints: Pain in the back and heart.


Hello, I often have a heart pain and this morning woke up from severe pains in the heart region, as if a knife is pierced with every heartbeat, it hurts very much, I could not breathe deeply.

There were a few cardiologists, they say nothing terrible, they prescribed meldonium, ATP in / m, Bisoprolol tablets, but after the second injection of ATP I almost fell in a faint, it suddenly turned dark, my heart stopped beating ... What should I do, what are these pains, tell me, please, I will be very grateful.


Throw meldonium and ATP into the trash and no longer do any injections, they will not help either from the heart or from the osteochondrosis.

The pain is most likely associated with an osteo-muscular problem, but only your doctor after the examination can say something specific. If my guesses are correct, regular, easy, morning exercises for one to two weeks will solve your problem.