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Treatment of hyperandrogenism

A combination of certain factors and effects on the body can trigger increased production in the body, namely in the testes, ovaries and adrenal glands of male sex hormones, a large number of these hormones (androgens) is called hyperandrogenism. There can be many reasons for the onset of the disease, including endocrine diseases, taking medications that stimulate increased production of hormones, heavy weight, age-related hormonal failure, heredity and even a congenital predisposition. Considering that androgen is the native hormone of men, this disease (syndrome) they can occur in adolescence and after the maturation of the abyss, disease hyperandrogenism is more relevant to women, having a negative impact on them.

Hyperandrogenism in women:

This syndrome is often found in women, so in terms of indicators in different countries, the percentage equivalent varies from 10 to 30%, and it is most evident in developed countries, Latin, Armenian and Georgian peoples. Speaking about the statistical data it is necessary to mention that among all gynecological diseases hyperandrogenism does not take the last place and reaches 4%, provoking severe diseases and infertility. Depending on the location of the disease, the disease is divided into adrenal, ovarian and mixed type. Hyperandrogenia of the ovarian genesis arises due to the malfunctioning of the ovarian follicles, cysts, tumor and adrenal gland malformations due to endocrine diseases, malfunctions of the menstrual cycle and medication intake, mixed - due to a combination of factors, this type is the most difficult to cure. Hyperandrogenism cause in women: a change in the structure of the ovaries, menstrual irregularity, until the disappearance of menstruation, polycystosis, seborrhea (and other skin diseases), diabetes mellitus, etc.

Hyperandrogenia in pregnancy:

Unfortunately, hyperandrogenism during pregnancy leads to 20-40% of spontaneous miscarriages in the early stages, regardless of the type of disease. In the event that this syndrome is detected before conception, a woman is prescribed medications that reduce the production of androgens and increase the production of female hormones. The same medicines are prescribed also for the period of pregnancy, selecting an individual dosage. In addition to miscarriage, fetal or pregnancy fading is sometimes found, which also leads to sad events. A woman with hyperandrogenism should be under the constant attention of specialists during the entire pregnancy period, constantly being examined not only by a gynecologist, but also by an endocrinologist. Often such a pregnancy is kept under strict control, watching a pregnant woman in a hospital on conservation.

Symptoms of hyperandrogenism:

1. Wraithing in the male type - hair can begin to grow not in natural places for the female body: on the shoulders, chest, back, buttocks, above the lip, there is an increased hairiness on the arms and legs.

2. Male pattern hair loss - temples and forehead may be less covered in hair, which is not typical for a woman, and hair loss is observed.

3. Skin changes - the pores of the skin become large, rough, there is an acne and greasiness.

4. The constitution of the body is modified - the back and the shoulder belt increase, and the hips and chest decrease due to the redistribution of fat masses. In adolescents with hyperandrogenism, first the skeleton grows strongly, and they are very different in height and body design from peers.

5. The timbre of the voice changes, it becomes lower.

6. Menstrual cycle is violated, up to amenorrhea (absence of menstruation).

7. A woman can not become pregnant.

Treatment of hyperandrogenism:

Before starting treatment, you need to undergo a thorough examination in order to reveal the type of hyperandrogenism and the reasons that it provoked. In the event that an increased amount of androgen provoked a tumor, an operative procedure is performed to remove it. In polycystic ovary, the patient's part is removed laparoscopically or surgically. If in the hyperandrogenia the adrenal glands are to blame for hormonal therapy consisting of glucocorticoid hormones. In the event that the endocrine system is to blame the patient, it is advised to switch to a low-calorie diet in order to lose excess weight. If a large number of androgens is associated with the inability of the body to process them, recycle dexamethozone (it also raises the production of female hormones). Girls with infertility that developed against a background of mixed hyperandrogenism are prescribed cyproterone acetate. Such androgen-suppressing drugs as Diane-35, and its analogues are often prescribed. Against the backdrop of conservative treatment, ovulation is also stimulated. Schemes of treatment are many, but self-medication is prohibited, so you can only complicate the situation with such a serious illness. Buying such medications you should chose only safe online pharmacies because the better effect you will have only if to use high quality medications.

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