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Do men experience migraines differently than women?
Perhaps one can say with 100% confidence that headaches and migraine spoil the lives of every inhabitant of the planet. For some of us this is a rare phenomenon, and some people suffer from it almost ..
Questions about chest pain
Pain in the chest is a typical complaint in patients with heart problems, but often it occurs in other conditions that are completely unrelated to the cardiovascular system. This symptom is so common ..
Pin pricking pain in heart
Fortunately, the complaint about feeling the pin prick in heart is heard more often than complaints of pressing or burning pain. The thing is that the stitching pain is not typical for the heart and i..
Treatment of hyperandrogenism
A combination of certain factors and effects on the body can trigger increased production in the body, namely in the testes, ovaries and adrenal glands of male sex hormones, a large number of these ho..
Where is the prostate, its anatomy and function
Among various male diseases and pathologies, the problem of prostatitis is on the honorable first place. Every adult man is afraid to deal with possible diseases of this organ, but, as you know, virtu..

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